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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guess what I am called...but be

People have a tendency to keep me covered. Some like to show me off. I guess it is all a matter of culture and who is in possession of me.
Personally, I like it when I am exposed. I like it when the wind brushes against my surface giving me a cooling effect. I like it when water gets splashed on my face.
Sometimes I bear heavy weight, that is, when I am placed on a level ground or when I am used as an interface to lean on something. That is when I loose my identity. I get so crushed that I would die. This is one advantage people take of me for being a little chubby.
Talking about being chubby, I come in different shapes, sizes, colour and texture. I have noticed that unlike other counter parts, I get a lot of attention when I appear in big forms. That's when I realise my worth. I get the most attention when I am carried around in a beach. That where were compete to get the maximum attention when you have many eyes staring at you.
Did you know that some like to dress me up? There are designer pieces which supposedly seem to enhance my appearance. I still have not understood how a piece of cloth can beat my look and why someone would not have the confidence to keep me uncovered. There are some sadist who like to show all their anger on me. They try to crush me the best they can that they tie me up with tight materials and suffocate me. At times I try to push myself out with an audio effect causing embarrassment to the carrier. Well, who cares? If you don't get attention you demand it.
In some countries, I rule. There are dance forms with me as the main focus. They shake me, make me laugh and entertain me. People watch me with hunger and amusement. They wish to touch me and slap me. It is even surprising to learn the kind of excitement I create in both men and women. There is a category of people who get turned on. They call me sexy.
Everything on this planet has a dark side. Do you know what I do when I dont get the attention I deserve? DO you know what is it that I do to draw attention to give a reminder to whoever is carrying me that I exist? I let out obnoxious gas and guess what, when I do that, none can keep me unnoticed...and that is called A Fart.
What you are asking my name? I am fondly called A Bum. Now wait, you need to be punished for being ignorant or rather not giving me importance...Here is a Fart for you, my friend!!!

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