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Monday, December 08, 2008

Thoughts on thoughts

I do not wish to stay away from here for long. Been tied up with too many things at a time that I did not get the time to actully think and find out what I have been thinking. Thoughts are always on mind but you do need time to think and understand what you are thinking. That is what you called as meditating thoughts. While you meditate, you are supposed to free your mind from all the thoughts and keep in blank. Here I am talking about is think and do only that without any actions. That gives a different insight.
So what I mean is its been a while since I have done that. Thoughts are all messed up, mixed up and entangle that I am unable to untie them.
I am caught up in a puzzle that cannot be solved. The puzzle is defintely about life. There are questions that I keep asking myself, to the universe...I get drowned in them. I do not want to read books, I do not want to ask people. I am in the process of deriving the same energy that must taken these people to have their questions answered. These people refers to writers, sanyasis and so on. I know its out there. Just a prayer, that I must and God must allow me and give me the time and chance to stay on this planet and hunt for answers.

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