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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Right now listening to a song which goes like this"Where was my brain when I loved you...."
Did you listen to it? Thats exactly the reflection of the feelings inside me.
Filled with complex feelings. A guy, whom I thought to love no more still seem to be living in my thoughts. Hmmm....This is not a simple heartbreak story. I have gone through lot many of those. But this one time, I was under the impression that things will work out and everything was all set to rock. Again, bad luck hit me like a tornado and it was all taken away.
I try hard to help myself to keep me away from the lovely thoughts I have about him.
All the efforts are in vain though. I am in pain. Deep pain and there are scratches all over my heart. All I gave was love and got back nothing.
What do people want from me? What more do I do to prove to each one to show how much I need them. Ah, that is more than one person....isn't it?
This particular specimen I am talking about allowed me to be me, he was always there...but suddenly he dissappeard. He was ma best friend. Oh, so much in pain that I cant contain it anymore.
Well, as I always say, life goes on. It has to and I wish to stay optimistic with the thought all those who left me will be back in my life one day because I love them all and they are all a part of my life.

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