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Monday, January 29, 2007

Blood Suckers or Life Suckers??????????

Being good and kind DOES NOT PAY. You give in all the happiness and sacrifice all that you've got. But just that one time, you try to hold on that little life that is all left with you, you are are criticised and made feel like a CULPRIT. That makes you want to give away that last breath, so that you are not held responsible for looting people's happiness. I have only tried to safeguard other people's happiness...always, given priority for the comfort of other's, foregoing all that I've got, and look what I am left with, my own people criticise me for those little things I have not done forgetting all the things I have done and throwing my sweat and blood in the drain...Feels good...
Now what does it make me do? It makes me think that I may have only little time to live. So, if I gotta do justice to myself, I needa do what I want and stop giving to people. People around me force me to become a beast, they force to change my direction and take the wrong path. I want to be bad and show how bad I can get so that they can realise and appreciate me for the goodness I had in me which went un-noticed. Because, not only you are criticsed for what you have not done, but they just want to suck more and more of your blood.
So do I safeguard that little life left in me or let them suck my blood more? I know not what to do....

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