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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


It was a night in hell. I was held in captivity. The attacker was none other than a rat. I was locked up in my room and a stupid rat took over my house.
My maid who has a very generous heart decided that she would get my balcony cleared. There were few old boxes which were left few months back. It was filled with my old slippers and shoes, and laziness combined with lack of interest to try on those old stuffs gave me enough reasons to leave it untouched. Over the months, this has become a breeding gorund for rats. And wonder what must have it been eating coz this particular invader am taking about was quite an obese one.
So after many months of honeymoon, yesterday, we decided to distract them. She started with her work, suddenly I heard a noise. I enquired what that was and she looked terrified and told me that there were few rats in the box. I asked her whether it entered my house. And she told me it did not. Ordered her to stop the clearance work and got the door locked. When I got in the room, she told me jokingly that it has entered the house. Though sounded unreal, it dint take long for me to realise that there was one non-human creature in my room. I ran to the dining room and got on top of the chair. It was then when I saw this monster run out my room. Oh Boy, I was invaded. I rushed out of my house and complained about it to my neighbour Aunty. My maid then did some circus inside, and then came out and told me that it has been driven away...Alas! It was still inside my house and that was only a lie...damn...
Whatever, at night I got to know that it was inside and I hardly slept. I was locked up inside my room and terrified...Felt like tomorrow would never come...
In the morning before leaving for work, left few poison cakes and handed over my house key with my neighbour aunty to check upon...Err...
This is my second night after the attack. Looks that that creature isn't dead. I have sharpened my ears to monitor its movements from behind the closed bedroom door. By tonight will come to a conclusion.
I gotta gain strength and fight...Yes, its my house. How can I let a small creature (not so small though) over power me?....aaggghhhh...
Am tired...time for bed...

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In that attempt of trying to be unique

I have come across several instances wherein you feel, oh this has to be my best short and am going to prove to the rest of the world that I too am capable of doing something different, more like defying all the rules and trying to be among those kewl ones and stuff...yes, I mean to be unique.
Ultimately what happens? you fail to even give it a try, since you have set such a high expectation for yourself, you get so bloody self conscious that you screw it up! That's the moment when you can really laugh at your self. Then I ask my self, "so what did you day you wanted to be?" Err...what can I say? This was just another attempt of trying to be unique, and what if I failed? Am going to try again. Who does not what to be unique and different?
Just that I got to be a cautious the next time that in this attempt I dont fail to utilise the opportunity.
Moral of the story: Never Miss an Opportunity, my child!

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