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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Loo the Wonderlah!

Uh! What is there to 'chi' about it? Lets admit it. Visiting one a day is an indispensible ritual for everyone. Some of the world's best ideas and innovations must have originated here. If you try to calculate the number of hours successful CEO'S and Entrepreneurs spend here, would let you figure out the secret of their success.
This is a wonderland where anyone can get lost. Lets you leave the world pass by and still not be bothered about what going on outside. Variety of activities one could indulge within these 4 walls are reading the news paper or textbook when you realise you have an exam that day , play games on your cell, sit with your laptop or smoke a cigaratte. If spending too much time here becomes an obsession, it can even take to the level of meditation which may prove to be a little dangerous. But hey, be it anything, one has to know where to draw the line.
So the message I intend to convey is teach yourself to spend some quality time in the loo. It could be a relieving experiance in many ways... if you know what I mean... Lol..

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Lord Chicken

There are times when this animal chicken comes as a blessing to you. She comes in different forms, as an egg, then in the red and yellow pack called 'Real Good chicken' then ofcourse the live one too.
The wide choices that she offers does not give you a chance to wonder what came first...Egg or the chicken? Who cares as long as she exists in both the forms, that too in abundance.
So when someone mentions the word chicken, what comes to your mind at first? The animal chicken or the rich mouth-watering aroma of chicken curry, chilli chiken, ginger chicken, chicken kabab, mughlai chicken...opps! sorry...I was getting carried away...ok Now back to the topic. So isn't that a proof of our cruelty? Why is chicken not being seen as an animal rather than a food item? Why is it not given the respect it deserves? Or is the chicken enjoying all the attention it is getting? Lol...
I normally eat the egg form of chicken which comes in a well packed white shell, which gets messy only if at there was an unnoticed crack while transporting it from the shop to your house, especially when you try to swing the polythene cover to the song you may be humming to, while walking. (Now that is one way of dis-respecting the egg which should be stopped). There are many ways with which you can get creative with an egg. I cannot help admitting how good I am at processing the egg to an omlette. There are almost 5 ways of making an omlette which I may write on in case anyone is interested to know.
I dont prefer the sight of chicken with blood and skin. It is a horrifying experience. It has some psychological effects on me. I may enjoy the dish, seperating the flesh from the bones and relishing it. But doesn't that make me sound like a beast? I dont deny because that does make me feel like one. You may get carried away eating it, but suddenly when you see the bones left on your plate, you wonder, Geez, where did all the flesh go? Is that all inside me? That makes me want to puke and let the animal out of me.
One blessing in situations as mentioned above is when it comes in the 'Real Good Chiken' pack. She is friendly. Does not show any tantrums. Very peaceful looking wonder which just waits patiently to be cooked and eaten.
I could go on and on writing about chicken. But this is all for now....

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

What's going on?

Same set of cars, buses, people, and events happeneing around me. This is what I observed while I was in the bus stop today.
Was it on the same day? Was it because, time wasn't running that I was stuck on the same spot for a long time? Even an old man whom I had noticed yesterday was on the same place. How can this be?
What's going on? Has the time come for a change? and is that in my hands?

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Chuck the reviews!!!

Before watching any movie, the mistake what people often commit is to consult the ones who would have watched the movie. Oh Boy! what a big mistake, because each one perceives in his/her own way. Why would it matter if the other person found it boring or interesting?
Just before watching this movie, a friend of mine adviced me it ain't that an interesting one and now look...I have fallen in love with it...Mushy to an extent, Lovely songs, beautiful people on screen, and the strength of love portrayed combined with patriotism has come out superb. Movie is called 'Fanaa'.
Yes, like all Aamir's movies, this too has a message...I got it...and I don't intend to share it because I would like to keep to myself for the time being!!!

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Split Wide Open...

I am talking about my front door. I left my house in the morning today, without locking the door. Forget about locking, it was left wide open. When I got home, the girl next door asked me, " wern't you home akka?", for a moment my heart skipped a beat. "No, why are you you asking me that?", just to make sure that this isn't one of her normal pranks. She told me, "Akka, you front door is open". I climbed the stairs and found the door open. Called my neighbour aunty to accompany me in order to inspect my house. I then rememberd how I had got carried away talking to her in the morning and how I may have forgotten to lock it. Thankfully, even the pack of soan papadi which I had eaten the previous night was there on the divan, which gave me a sence of relief that if at all someone had entered my house, how can leave not eating this?...Ah! Bad Joke!
Who guarded my house? Angels? or Neighbours?

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What matter's is how you see it...

If you want to make up your mind on something, what is the first thing you do? To consult your elders, or experienced people?And what do they do? Brainwash you with all the bitter situations they would have gone through? Eventually you end up getting confused or if any of the people whom you consulted was successful enough to market themselves well, his idea gets implanted in your brain.
Who are these so called consultants? hehe...these are avatars who have decended from some other planets to screw your life and tear it into bits and pieces...
So I have decided this, as long as I dont harm anyone, its my life, I drive it and live it the way I want.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hello Veggies!

I was determined! Even the rain could not stop me. Where was I heading to? To the vegetable shop. I wasn't dieting, but I stayed away from vegetables for more than a week. All I ate was rice, prawns, mangoes, bread and drank lots of milk. Now that sounds weird. Who prescribed this to me?
Now to show justice to my username, let me explain. When I think of eating, I again end up getting confused. Now the thing is, when you make up your mind to have non-veg, you dont have much choices, but when it comes to vegetables, how do you choose what to eat? You have many varieties. And you could cook them in number of styles.
Anyhow, today I decided to break my fast and bought lots of them. To avoid thinking too much as to what to cook, I am going to prepare vegetable noodles. So you see, I think I have started to reach a point where I am helping myself get out of the confused state...Heh...whatever!

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Scent the neighbourhood, if not myself, that's my motto...

Yes, he is going out. The air smells good yet again. And it stays that way for a long time. Thanks to my neighbour for his generous creative sense of scenting the neighbourhood. I guess, he must be using a full bottle at once. So what could be the intention, to draw people closer? or a social service?
How I wish we had such like minded people everywhere. Atleast that would solve the nauseating experiance most of us have while commuting through the city. Its often fun to watch the funny expression on people's faces, especially when you are relaxing in a bus, when a garbage truck passes up. I try not to hide my feelings. I always give a sound effect and a visual effect...Sayin "Shit", "Gross", "yuk"...yes with all my heart and then sealing my nose with whichever object possible.
Some are like me. But the fun part is to see the tolerance level of people when they try hard to pretend like as long as this air is keeping me alive, I don't care kinda attitude. That makes me wonder whether these people are born with special filter to guard them against the unpredictable blow of stinky winds. The flavours vary from garbage to human remains to last but not the least the odour of the sweat.
There are deaf, dumb and blind people, but what do u call people whose nose dont function?
Whatever,what even if the monthly deodarant purchase budget is high, he is doing a social serivice. Thanks to him...

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It's all about faking it!

I woke up this morning late. For moment could not recognise where I was. Looked at the clock and figured out that it was past the time I usually get ready for class. Made up my mind to not go for class.
One thing what on my mind right now is how to get a job. I see various postings on millions of websites, I receive many mails with requirements for the post am looking for, but everybody wants either a fresher or a person with an experiance. Unfortunately, am neither both. So where am I placed? My status as a fresher is expired since am a 2004 pass-out. I recently learnt about the technology I wish to specialise in. That makes me a inexperianced candidate. Does that mean that I am not fit for that job?
Then comes the question of faking it. Well, I am somehow not with that idea. The same person with the same knowledge who poses as a fresher is invisible and if he holds a fake experiance in hand, there are people to pounce on him and take him away. Ah, unfair World!
Ask me about the knowledge I posses in the field I wish to me in, I must say that I have never been confident about any topic until now.
Each one has a different story to talk about. May be different versions of the same story. That makes you confused all the more. Geezzz...I am going crazy!

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Monday, June 05, 2006

"I like to walk in rain, so no one can see my tears..."

Don't know whose words are these....Who cares...
Guess at times when you go through intense pain and when you are amidst a crowd, you wish it that no one could see your tears. You look around, to find someone to talk to...but you realise you are left all be contd...which means I am lost in thoughts....or Am I Confused?

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Oops! I am not prepared I say!

Well that was not prepared as to what to fill in thinking of a topic....but should I write bout that another day? or should I write now? but you know I have not gathered my thoughts about whatever am feeling right I thats whatI call as Confusion meter...
I guess this would do for my first blog...

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"In Love with myself"