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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Confusion is an experience of having the brain shut down. There is a barrage of information coming at you, and you can't figure out what is real from what is unreal. The natural response is a perceived experience of not knowing what to do. Well, that's impossible! You always know what to do because you have a divine connecton to the One Mind that knows everything. Confusion is also the mental and emotional outgrowth of knowing exactly what to do, and having this knowledge clouded by the belief that you are not good or smart enough to do it. This is augmented by the fear that if you do it, you might not do it right, or that if you do it the way is needs to be done, somebody will get mad at you. The natural response to this self-defeating mental chatter is for the intellectual mind to shut down. The result is what we call confusion.
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