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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Forgive me, it was not a fart, you dumbass!!!

I have a habit of forcefully closing all my holes when I sneeze. I wonder why. I think I get a feeling that a large amount of phlegm or mucous will get sprayed. This may make the surroundings dirty and unfavorable for my fellow beings to exist. How selfless, how thoughtful. I have also read that this force with which we sneeze is so high that if we stop it could rupture blood vessels in brain or heart or some organs in your body. (Please google for more information). Ok so I just stopped my sneeze and to my surprise, a weird sound was produced. I am sure it is through my mouth.
The reason for my disappointment is that, not only was I ready to let my blood vessels rupture but in spite of that my neighbor at my workplace gave me the most dirtiest look suspecting that I farted. To hell with him.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

After a long time

I shouldn't have stayed away this long.
Was it that I was not confused that I fell short of topics to write about or that I felt it useless to pen down what my stupid confusing topics which all the more could make more more confusing thinking what to write about it.
Anyway...I am back and I think I am going to update it often.

There were too many things that happened which I am going to write about in the coming days. It is just that I have too many things to talk about.
Stories about my hunt for a groom on marriage portals and the kind of specimens that I cam across and the lessons I learnt from each encounters and how it has made me a become a better human being and all that crap...ah..
More to come...

Feels good to be back here...

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