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Saturday, November 11, 2006

No different thoughts...

To know that it cannot last forever and that you gotta let it all go a day is painful. Each time you encounter with a moment, where you get a doubt, may be this is what is destined for me. There is no one thing that destiny keeps in store for you. It is the journey and the places that you visit is what is on the itenary. There is no final destination. My tomorrow could be the same as today. No point in assuming that there is a better tomorrow. Better or worse, you are not exptected to know it or assume it. Its not to even be taken for granted.
You meet people, you deal with them, you get close to a few and start inviting them to be a part of your life. They start influencing your thinking process. You start sharing about your day to day activities with them. But one fine day, you realise, they are too busy for you and dont have the time for you anymore. You feel like that's the end of your world. But does it end there? No...
Unknowingly, you gain the strength, accept the truth and start moving on even though you wished not to. It's like you are being pushed among the crowd even though you sometimes wish I don't want to keep a step forward from here.
You may have a wonderful family and lovely friends, you may have shared all your secrets with them, yet there are times when you feel all alone. Especially when you loose the ones you may have shared the greatest secrets of your life with, when they dissappear from your life, its gets tiring, because its then when you got to start your hunt again for someone to share the same secrets or perhaps new ones.
There are no different thoughts and am sure each one of you would have felt this way, at some point in your life... Err...
I know not my future, I have no dreams...for dreams exist only to screw your life....!

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Expectations define who are...

We all hate expectations... We are surrounded by many stake-holders around us, having expecations from us of varying degrees. Its sometimes suffocating, expecially when the standards set are too high. But then you realise, its the expectations set by others, especially your loved ones, that define who you are and what your roles are...
If at all there was an effort from every individual to let others know what their expecations are from another person, would there have been any conflicts, fights or mis-understandings?
Hmmm...well, if things go right always, where's all the fun in life eh?

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Am I Analysing life too much?
A day would come when I realise that I have forgotten to live the years that passed by...

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"In Love with myself"