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Sunday, July 01, 2007

few thoughts from my mind....

In the midst of people in pain and not being able to devise a solution to remove the pain and misery angers hurts me. You keep questioning waiting for someone to come up with an answer.
Every human passes through complex stages. Some quite early in their lives, and some in the later part of it. If you really think about it, there is actually nothing that you can do to avoid going through it.
I have learnt one thing in life so far, even though its quite early for me to formulate something. Do all that makes you happy. Each person sets his/her expecations wanting others to go their way and its when that is broken that misunderstandings or arguements creeps in.
Each one is right in their own ways. Then you think, why would I not be right in my own way.
There was a time when I used to tie myself up. My spirit was caged. I was hard on myself. I lost many opportunities. I held myself back from going with the flow and exploring life. By this, it does not mean that I have become a completely free spirit. It means that life looks simple when you learn to go with the flow and live as though there is no tomorrow.
Many interesting people have come and gone. I have inclucated some of their good traits.
yes, some have left some inprints. All for good....that's what I like to believe. Each one is good in their own way and I truly appreciate and respect the people I have known in the past.
Again, I need to flip those chapters and move ahead with the hope of meeting new faces in the future. With the anxiety like a child, I am waiting...

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