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Saturday, September 23, 2006

deceiving myself...

you think you are alright
you hide it all from the rest of the world
you laugh and smile like the rest of 'em always expect you to
you comfort those in pain and take all the shit
you tell 'em all, oh! my life can't be better
you force yourself to strive to be the best
even after failing each time you tried to do so
'coz you are known to be an optimist
you look the happiest, atleast you struggle to look so
'coz you 've it all?
and then you realise, whom are you doing all this for?
aren't you deceiving yourself?
'coz deep inside you are having this intense pain and lonliness
making you want to rip your heart open and show the rest
of the world what you going through...

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"In Love with myself"