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Friday, July 21, 2006

Never thought laughing could get this difficult...

The first day I joined my team at work, one thing I mainly noticed was the giggle of my TL. She seemed friendly, she still is. She was laughing after every sentence she uttered. I joined her initially, and after sometime, when I looked around, I couldn't find the rest of the team in the chorus laughing. As in, they all did have a sign of frustration on their faces not being able to fake a laugh for such a long time. Guess they all would have got tired after so many months of working under her. Err...It was interesting in the beginning. Now, this seems to be a tougher job than the actual work, am talking about faking a laugh. Oh! It does get tiring and you even end up getting confused when to laugh and when not to. I have a feeling that I am loosing my ability to identify jokes. I really dont get the idea behind laughing so much. Is it her technique to get things done. Looks like I have to develop the talent to say 'no' laughing. Hey, I love laughing, but to this extent where it can kill yourself...phew!

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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Its been few days since I logged on to ma blog...I was unable to, due to some technical difficulties. I felt as though I was locked out of my own house. Anyhow here I am. Its been a tiring week, quite interesting though and like I always say...'Fulfilling'.
Oh...I can't write more right now... there is no energy left in me...

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