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Friday, September 08, 2006

can I have it all forever?

I never get enough of somethings in life. Even as I am experiancing it, an element of fear creeps in whether I could have it all forever. They say all good things come to an end, but I can't seem to accept it.
Cool breeze of the blowing wind makes me relax no matter how distressed I am. It reminds me that there is a superior force beyond our reach, to destroy you any moment at the same time to comfort you.
When I was young, I always believed that I would be taken care of.But now, I am living all alone. The warmth you get with the presence of your family around is indescribable. Few days back, I got to spend sometime with my family. I was carefree and once again felt light.
Among all those I know, my favourite now is my nephew. He is a miracle to me. He is manifestation of innocence, love and mischief. There is no description for how I feel for him. This little one has no inhibitions. and you can never predict what his next move will be. Every gesture of his makes you feel that he is an embodiment for the existence of God. He is not the first baby ever created but this little one is my sister's which means he is mine too.
Once upon a time, there was someone in my life whom I thought I would never have to part with. One fine day, reality struck me and that person just dissapeared. Took time to accept it.
Still deep inside you still wonder, why do good things come to you and just go away....can't I have it all forever?
(Wish I could express my thoughts better...but right now...I am relieved that I let out something...may be someother day I would get back to this and add-on somemore...)

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