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Monday, October 13, 2008

Words spoken have been taken away,

Those spoken words will fade away,

Are there any more unsaid?

Who would care if you are dead?

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I came alone...I will die alone!!!

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oflate I have been seeing and hearing too many things about overseeing the future...That's one thing I never wanted to do...Seems like I must inorder to change the present...
"Here's the thing about future, when you look at it, it changes, and that changes everything".

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Will there be a man who will look into my eyes and want me as much I want him? Will there be a man who will have all the patience to wait to hear what I have to say even when I don't know what to say? Will there be a man who will understand when I say something no matter whether I say it or not. Will there be a man who will say the things that touches me, not because he has to but he wants to? Will there be a man who would want to spend a lifetime with me?

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a brutal killing- someone dedicated this to me...Thanks 'G' !!!

A time to cry and a time to kill
The blow sent Sunil sliding over the floor of the warehouse. His mouth spurted blood, a broken tooth fell out. But at last his hands were free. He used his free hands to take off the blindfold. He was in pain, but more than pain he felt anger at being blindfolded, tied up and bought to a place he hadn't seen before. He looked at the person who had inflicted this misery on him. All he could see was a silhoutte against the blinding light behind the body.'

Who the f*** are you', Sunil shouted, wanting to say more but couldn't because of pain.'

A person you once pushed into a dark alley my friend' replied a calm feminine voice. A voice that sounded familiar to Sunil, but Sunil was in no mental state to remember who it belonged to. He dint have to.

Gia emerged out of the bright light, her face outwardly calm, hiding her inner anger. Seeing her sent Sunil into a shock. He had known her 2 years back, nothing in her back then had told him of the violent instincts she could have. He had used her back then, felt mighty good about it too. Used her and discarded away, felt like a powerful man in the process. And now, here he was, in an unknown location with her. Where was he?"

Where have you got me, you b****? What the f*** for?", he shouted, spitting blood out in anger.

Gia smiled. There was something about men, that made it natural for them to be angry. Anger suited them like no other emotion did.

"You are in a place that they call 'End-of-the-road' dear sunil", Resh replied calmly, smiling while she did. And then she took out the two injections that she had prepared for Sunil, and jabbed them into his legs. Sunil screamed with pain as Berumeda and Sefumine were injected into his body. Berumeda to immobilize his limbs, and Sefumine ... Ha, Sefumine that wonderful new drug that kept people conscious for 2 hours no matter what happens. Sufamine retained the blood flow into the brain irrespective of what happens to the rest of the body, thus ensuring that the person is fully aware of what is happening to him. Today, Gia wanted Sunil to be conscious throughout, she wanted him to feel and experience what she was going to do to him today.

"You b****", shouted Sunil and followed it up with a host of explitives reserved only for use by dogs like him. Hell, Gia liked dogs, and she wouldn't compare the son-of-a-b**** in front of her to a dog for her life.

She bent down, and felt his legs. Yes, the numbness had definitely set in. The new drugs, they work fast. With a quick jerk, she lowered Sunil's pant to his knees. Between all the blood and the filth that the warehouse floor was covered with, Sunil laughed."

S***, are you going to rape me? I should have guessed. This is the only way you can get some, a tramp wouldn't have sex with you out of his will.", Sunil bellowed and he spat on her.

Gia remained calm. She liked this. She liked his anger, and she enjoyed Sunil's optimism."

Being quite the optimist, aren't we dear Sunil?", Resh talked lovingly, "But sure I hope you enjoy this Sunil. You sure aren't going to miss out on this. The injection I gave you will ensure that you dont miss out on the show".

She looked at his frailing penis, and was instantly nauseated. She was disgusted by one look at that shrivelling dark disgusting piece of attachment. She wanted to throw up on it. But she controlled herself. It was important that she remains calm. And goes through this process.

She took out a bottle of barbeque sause from her bag. "Chings Secret: Spice up your barbeque" shouted the bottle. She poured 10mg of Barbeque sause on Sunil's penis. Sunil looked on, a look of surprise on his face. He was scared now, nervous too. He was in a vulnerable position, he couldn't move his hands or legs. Only his mouth, and that would be a bad idea at this point of time."

Gia, what are you doing? Look, we can talk about this", Sunil whimpered, significantly mellower than he sounded 5 minutes back.

Gia ignored him. She took out other bottles from her bag, and followed the recipe for 'Barbequed Sausages' to the last detail. Well, almost to the last detail. She added the seasoning, she added the sauces, she added the boiled vegetables, the shredded chicken. While she prepared her dish, Sunil started talking about having a calm talk about this, moved onto apologizing for his behavior and by the end of it, was crying and begging to be let off. Gia ignored all that he said. The dish preparation needed all her concentration. And finally it was done. She stood up.

Without a word to Sunil, she turned back and started walking away towards the door. Closer to the warehouse door, a cage glinted in the light coming in from the door. Inside tha cage, a canine shifted as she walked towards the cage. It growled and leaped upon the cage. It was a chilean Canine, untrained. It had been injected to, made more violent by the B90 virus flowing through its blood. She looked at its crazed eyes, its nose furiously sniffing the air for a delicious barbeque made out of aromatic sauses. Gia smiled lovinlgy at the canine. Before slamming the warehouse door shut, she open the lock of the cage. As she closed the warehouse door shut, she could hear the Canine darting out of its cage. She could hear paws running in the warehouse beyond the door. Gia started walking away from the warehouse. She still had work to do. Two minutes later, she heard violent screams from Sunil, and the sounds of flesh being torn off. She enjoyed the screams. She knew they would continue for some time to come. She smiled.

She walked to the gate of the warehouse. She took out the remote control from her pocket. The one that controlled the bomb she had installed in the warehouse before bringing Sunil. Sunil had to die, and every last bit of him, in himself and inside the dog had to be annihilated. He had polluted this Earth with his presence for far too long. He had stretched out his right to exist for too long. Sunil's screams still continued. Chiliean Canines are fast. She could only imagine him having gotten to his stomach by now. B****** would stay alive through this process, eaten alive. Gia smiled, and hit the remote button. With a thunder, the Warehouse blew up. The earth beneath Gia's shook. the earth rumbled from the explosion of the warehouse, Gia's phone vibrated. Vinita was calling her. There was a time to cry, and there was a time to kill. Now was the time to celebrate. Twenty seven years of her existance and several lessons later, Gia had finally siezed control of her life.

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Kirshna lives in me

There are times when you experience the actual 'kurukshetra war' in your mind. The right wins over and takes control your life. Lord Krishna lives in each one of us. It is always not about doing what you like. It is about Dharma winning over Adarma. There are a lot of tempatations in this era that we live that most of the time, you are torn apart being unable to make up your mind and differentiate between right or wrong. One thing that we fail to remember life can be made simpler if we are aware of Krishna's teachings.
Yadha yadha hi dharmasya glanirbhavathi bharathaAbhyuthdaanaMadharmasya Thadatmanam Srujamyaham
Whenever there is decay of Dharma (religion) and an ascendancy of Adharma (irreligion) then God manifests Himself
I have a Krishna in me and I realised it yesterday. I am proud to be me!

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"In Love with myself"