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Sunday, January 07, 2007

I can hear some music playing in the background. Its a sad tune. Not from any movie, its being played in real life...and the life is about me, the world I am in.
World does not seem to be a nice place to be in these days...I dont find any goodness in it to be appreciated. Its getting tougher day by day, mainly due to the disturbing happeneings around. I don't know whether to think or not, to be happy or to be sad, to be kind or unkind, to be helpful or not, to be passionate or not, to be constructive or destructive, to be jovial or serious...
Each day I realise, it is the Kalyug we are living in. You never know what is store the next moment. Frankly, I am filled with fear. Ask me about what? it's bout everything. People, situations, the known, the unknown and just everything...I know not where I am heading to...
But there is something I am thankful parents!
Ok, that's it...I can't write more...

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