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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crying for no reason...

I wept, I cried for a while yesterday...Ask me why..I don't know...I cried for everyone around me, I cried for all those in pain. I think it was because I did not understand what was going on, around me. I wondered why people were complicating life so much, people were faking it, lying about small things you can actually live without lying...I mean where has the value of being honest, moral, loyal and passionate about life or loved ones disappeared? What is driving everyone? Where are we heading to?

May be I shouldn't be thinking so much...

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Someone breathing so hard is leaving me breathless

I am in a meeting right now. I am supposed to be attentive. If not being attentive, the second ideal thing I should be doing is to do my work in parallel.
But I can hear someone breathing so hard. He is fat, looks sad, looks uneasy. I cannot understand what is going on. Never have I felt so distracted and cautious about hearing someone breathing so heavily, so loud.
I think having some background music would have helped.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Forgive me, it was not a fart, you dumbass!!!

I have a habit of forcefully closing all my holes when I sneeze. I wonder why. I think I get a feeling that a large amount of phlegm or mucous will get sprayed. This may make the surroundings dirty and unfavorable for my fellow beings to exist. How selfless, how thoughtful. I have also read that this force with which we sneeze is so high that if we stop it could rupture blood vessels in brain or heart or some organs in your body. (Please google for more information). Ok so I just stopped my sneeze and to my surprise, a weird sound was produced. I am sure it is through my mouth.
The reason for my disappointment is that, not only was I ready to let my blood vessels rupture but in spite of that my neighbor at my workplace gave me the most dirtiest look suspecting that I farted. To hell with him.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

After a long time

I shouldn't have stayed away this long.
Was it that I was not confused that I fell short of topics to write about or that I felt it useless to pen down what my stupid confusing topics which all the more could make more more confusing thinking what to write about it.
Anyway...I am back and I think I am going to update it often.

There were too many things that happened which I am going to write about in the coming days. It is just that I have too many things to talk about.
Stories about my hunt for a groom on marriage portals and the kind of specimens that I cam across and the lessons I learnt from each encounters and how it has made me a become a better human being and all that crap...ah..
More to come...

Feels good to be back here...

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guess what I am called...but be

People have a tendency to keep me covered. Some like to show me off. I guess it is all a matter of culture and who is in possession of me.
Personally, I like it when I am exposed. I like it when the wind brushes against my surface giving me a cooling effect. I like it when water gets splashed on my face.
Sometimes I bear heavy weight, that is, when I am placed on a level ground or when I am used as an interface to lean on something. That is when I loose my identity. I get so crushed that I would die. This is one advantage people take of me for being a little chubby.
Talking about being chubby, I come in different shapes, sizes, colour and texture. I have noticed that unlike other counter parts, I get a lot of attention when I appear in big forms. That's when I realise my worth. I get the most attention when I am carried around in a beach. That where were compete to get the maximum attention when you have many eyes staring at you.
Did you know that some like to dress me up? There are designer pieces which supposedly seem to enhance my appearance. I still have not understood how a piece of cloth can beat my look and why someone would not have the confidence to keep me uncovered. There are some sadist who like to show all their anger on me. They try to crush me the best they can that they tie me up with tight materials and suffocate me. At times I try to push myself out with an audio effect causing embarrassment to the carrier. Well, who cares? If you don't get attention you demand it.
In some countries, I rule. There are dance forms with me as the main focus. They shake me, make me laugh and entertain me. People watch me with hunger and amusement. They wish to touch me and slap me. It is even surprising to learn the kind of excitement I create in both men and women. There is a category of people who get turned on. They call me sexy.
Everything on this planet has a dark side. Do you know what I do when I dont get the attention I deserve? DO you know what is it that I do to draw attention to give a reminder to whoever is carrying me that I exist? I let out obnoxious gas and guess what, when I do that, none can keep me unnoticed...and that is called A Fart.
What you are asking my name? I am fondly called A Bum. Now wait, you need to be punished for being ignorant or rather not giving me importance...Here is a Fart for you, my friend!!!

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

I happened to visit a museum for different art forms during my visit to Kerala last week. It was a different experience. It seems this place called 'Green Village was once upon a time a go-down which has now been converted to a museum. The first hall that we entered was a long corridor, fully decorated with high quality, expensive murrels and paintings. One could see at the end of the passage a stage where the artist puts make up for the performance. A day they showcase all forms of dance for a short duration.
The adjacent hall towards the left, has a library and a cafeteria at the front of the building behind which is a hall with live sized statues of all the dance forms.
Towards the right of the passage is the theatre where you get to see the artists perform. Thankfully, it was all for 5 minutes. Frankly when I saw bhrathanatyam, it seemed quite funny. One lady making some moves with strange expressions. Smiling like she is mad sometimes, trying to cry sometimes, looking angry at times, it was all so weird. Then came the Kathakalli. One thing I understood about this form was that it is a highly exagerrated form of human expressions. There was a demo of that form at start. Bascially this show wasa for people who are interested to get a glimpse of all forms of dance prevailent in Kerala.
Being a proud Keralite, I was confused about finding our very own Kathakalli funny. Artist with a big bum showing super natural expressions. Quite predictive though.
Then came a form called 'Theyyam'. That was predictive again. Truly an expression of frustration, may be due to heat, something like an urge to kill someone. That dude was in trance, dancing around like mad with rhytmic beats. I wanted to join him and take the sword and run.
One conclusion that I could make seeing all this was, some people in the past who did not have anything else to do had the opportunity to explore and simply create some form of art. Since there wouldn't have been any other means of entertainment, these were on demand and must have got popular. In this era, when so many artisits and struggling with different forms of art, its amazing how these forms have been popular over ages and still being given all the importance. Well, am not against all these. It is defintely something to be proud of. But I wonder what is there to talk so much about it.
I believe that I have not missed much, not knowing it.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Faces that fade away...

I was this small child who never thought about life and only absorbed and observed what was around me. When i think of my childhood, I fail to even remember the faces that I had seen. Used to live for a day. Didn't even know that such a concept ever existed.
Years passed by, saw many faces, all to only fade away one day.
Now I am in the same state from where I started off, where I live for a day, but now with full consciousness and fully aware that the faces that I have seen were only different phases of life and the faces I will see in the coming phases of life will also fade away eventually.

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